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About the Corporate Volunteer Council

The Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston (CVC) is an alliance of area corporations and institutions that promote corporate volunteerism.  Formed in 1981, the CVC is one of many similiar non-profit corporate volunteer councils in the United States.  Many major industries are represented on Boston's CVC, including communications, education, entertainment, financial services, health care, legal, insurance and utilities. Our total CVC membership represents a potential volunteer workforce in the thousands - members' employee bases range from 30 to 25,000. 



The CVC's mission is to promote and strengthen corporate volunteerism within its membership and surrounding communities.  The CVC recognizes the importance of volunteering and is committed to helping companies in their efforts to support local community agencies. The CVC also encourages the creation of public-private volunteer partnerships.





In these informal meetings of half a dozen corporations became known as Corporate Volunteers of New York. By 1992, more than 45 corporations had joined the New York group — and a new movement was born.Since its formation in 1990, the Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network (the Foundation), has supported the nationwide network of CVCs. Today, there are over 75 CVC's across the United States. CVCs are also known as Business Volunteer Councils (BVC), Workplace Volunteer Councils (WVC), Corporate Community Relations Councils (CCRC), etc. The variety of names merely reflects the differing preferences from community to community.

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